20 Million Tons

of agro waste is being burnt in the states of Haryana and Punjab every year.

Majority being rice straw that does not have a market value

High Collection Costs,
Market demand too low

25 Million People

suffers in Delhi NCR due to severe Air Pollution caused by this Agro waste burning

Our Solution

The strategy , broadly, is to assign a real economic and commercial value to the agricultural residue and making it an asset to the farmers by creating markets for rice straw.

Patent pending Process

We have developed a patent pending process to break down the agricultural biomass in environment friendly way into pulp, paper and similar valuable products.


Our process can operate at small scales of 5TPD as well, to be able to target the best possible economics of agro waste collection and conversion

Value Addition

With our process, we add value to the agro waste near to its generation to make products like tableware, secondary packaging materials, crafty items etc.

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