20 Million Tonnes

Agro waste is being burnt in the states of Haryana and Punjab every year.

More than 40,000 Fire incidents

recorded by Punjab Remote sensing Centre in 2017 harvesting season

25 Million People

suffers in Delhi NCR due to severe Agro waste burning

Our Solution

The strategy , broadly, is to assign a real economic and commercial value to the agricultural residue and making it an asset to the farmers by creating markets for rice straw.


Patent pending Process

We have developed a patent pending process to break down the agricultural biomass in environment friendly way into pulp, paper and similar valuable products.

value addition.png

Value Addition

With our process, we add value to the agro waste near to its generation site by facilitating setting up small scale pulp-production units in a decentralised system.



Our process can operate at small or large scales depending upon the amount of area targeted based on the economics of agro waste collection

agro expansion.png

Expansion of Agro pulp

A pre-existing paper recycling unit can also be upgraded using our technology to expand their product range to produce agro-based pulp.


The complete ecosystem thus developed will ensure solving the bigger problems of air pollution by providing livelihoods and revenue generation options directly at the grass root level

Pollution Free Delhi

Potential to solve the winter air pollution in Delhi-NCR

Waste to Wealth

Providing additional source of revenue for farmers by easy and profitable disposal of agro-waste

Rural Empowerment

Empowering rural India by connecting agriculture and manufacturing, Immense scope of employment generation.

Bio Economy

Establishing agricultural waste as an asset and creating business around it which tends towards the much needed bio-based economy and sustainable development.


Cellulose is the most abundant polymers on the earth. It is naturally optimized polymers for a sustainable ecosystem. India is rich in such agricultural assets and we envision to convert them into valuable products using eco-friendly technologies.


To solve the problem of agro waste burning in the states of Haryana & Punjab, which causes catastrophic air pollution in Delhi NCR around the month of November. To convert agro waste into value added products using eco friendly processes thus empowering farmers to get profits from their waste instead of burning it off.

Our Team

Our Mentor

Neetu Singh obtained her Bachelors and Masters degrees from University of Mumbai and PhD in Chemistry at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. After that, she did her postdoctoral studies at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. In 2012, she joined as faculty in the Polymer Sciences and Engineering Division at the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune. She is recipient of the Kiran Shaw-Mazumdar International Oncology Fellowship and Innovative Young Biotechnologist award 2013 by DBT, India. Currently she is Assistant Professor in the Center for Biomedical Engineering (CBME), IIT-Delhi.

Dr. Neetu Singh

Asst. Professor, Center for Biomedical Engineering

IIT Delhi



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